I highly feel like hand jobs are one of the most under appreciated art forms when it comes to penis pleasing. Hear me out! While blow jobs and oral sex are fantastic, there is something to be said about a well skilled pair of hands! With National Hand Job Day being July 21st, it seemed like high time to talk about this underappreciated art form and see if we can’t get some of those creative juices flowing to make this one epic Hand Job Day!

So first and foremost, in order to have an epic hand job, you must get to know the penis you are pleasing! Do they like it kind of rough or want things to be as slippery as possible?

If they like things a little rough, you can always try the Kama Sutra honey dust that we have mentioned in the previous newsletters. It is a dry powdery product that has a little bit of taste to it and is fantastic for giving “dry” massages. The powder gives you just enough slip so you do not have any pain or discomfort but still gives enough friction to keep it interesting!  Plus, as a bonus, if you do decide to use your mouth a little, everything tastes fantastic!

If they like things a little slippery then picking out a good lube is key! Personally, I am a huge fan of silicone in this case as silicone does not dry up. System Jo’s Xtra Silky silicone lube is fantastic and will still give you some friction as you use it!

Once you have picked your weapon of choice it’s important to plan your attack. Position is key and can take your hand job from meh to magnificent! Take note of any fun furniture you may have at your disposal or try to think of different rooms in the house that you can utilize. Not only that but prep is important! Putting a towel or bed sheet down can be important for avoiding stains or just not having to worry about getting too messy!

A fun one I like to recommend is the shower! Have your partner stand up facing the wall of the shower with their hands on the wall itself and seat yourself just behind them on the edge of the bathtub or shower seat so they are facing away from you. Wrap your arms around them so only your hands are visible to them and, in the meantime, slowly kiss and lick up their back until you can stand up and start, whispering in their ear! This can be a fun and super-hot way to play with them and not only that the shower also makes clean up a breeze!

Everything is fair game too, so don’t be shy about incorporating toys into your play! A fun option can be a finger vibrator or a vibrating cock ring.

Vibrating cock rings are a fan favorite! All you have to do is make sure you have lots of water-based lube, something like Sliquid Sassy instead of the Jo Xtra Silky, and slip that ring onto the penis with the vibration towards the bottom of the penis on the frenulum. Do not be skimpy on the lube, you will need lots so you can gently take the vibrating ring and use it to stroke up and down on the penis. Not only does that put the vibration on some of the most sensitive parts of the penis, but the ring itself adds texture around the entire shaft for one explosive wave of sensation!

There are many tips, tricks and toys you can incorporate into your hand job play so don’t be shy about coming in and looking! We get new toys all the time and any one of our staff will be more than happy to help you come up with some naughty plans to celebrate this year’s National Hand Job Day!